Evennia Screenshot

It is of course rather pointless to take screenshots of a server for creating online text games. But to our defense Evennia is rather flashy compared to most text games since a web interface is also shipped with it out of the box. 
Also, there are some users who just have to see a screenshot before downloading anything ... so here it is.

This (somewhat crowded) screenshot shows a standard install of the just started Evennia MUD server. In the bottom window we can see the log messages from the running server. We have two ports open, one for the telnet connections and another for web connections.

In the top left window we see the default website of our new game displayed in a web browser. Evennia contains its own webserver to serve this page. The default site shows some brief info about the database. From here you can also reach Django's admin interface for editing the database online.

To the upper right is the included web-browser client showing a connection to the server on port 8000. This allows users to access the game through your web browser without downloading a third-party mud client.

Bottom right we see a login into the stock game using a third-party MUD client (tintin++). This connects to the server via the telnet protocol on port 4000.