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Evennia MUD/MU* Creation System

Evennia is an open-source Python-based framework, codebase and server for creating text-based multiplayer online games (aka MUD/MU* etc) using modern technologies and tools.

Live demo


https://demo.evennia.com hosts an almost default Evennia server with some extra examples. Use it to get a taste for what's possible.


Evennia is installed by cloning and installing its repo from github. The Getting Started instructions will help you get things set up. Once installed, creating your new game is quick:
evennia --init mygame
cd mygame
evennia start
You can now browse your new game's website and play locally in your browser at http://localhost:4001. You can also connect to it with a traditional third-party MUD client on localhost, port 4000. Screenshot
An example of a default Evennia install (hover to enlarge). Top left: Running server just started. Top right: Default website served by Evennia. Bottom left: Game open in included HTML5 webclient. Bottom right: Game open in traditional telnet client (tintin++).



Default Content


Whereas your Evennia game starts out with no game-specific content, it's notempty! Out of the box you get a 'talker'-style game with basic functionality:You can create rooms and items, pick up stuff, talk to people, walk around, dolight roleplay with emotes ... this starting point is easy to extend orcompletely replace as you prefer.

Here are some of the default resources and tools available out of the box:


Technical features


More Information

If this piqued your interest, there is a lengthier introduction to Evennia to read.

To learn how to get your hands on the code base, the Getting Started page is the way to go. Otherwise you could browse the Documentation or why not come join one of the Evennia's community's chat channels or forums. Welcome!