Contrib modules

Contribs are found in evennia/contrib/ and are optional game-specific code-snippets or even full systems you can use for your game. They are contributed by the Evennia community and released under the same license as Evennia itself. Each contrib has its own installation instructions. Bugs are reported to the Evennia issue tracker as usual.

Rooms, movement and grid

Contribs modifying locations, movement or helping to creating rooms.


Griatch 2021

Adds an XYZgrid to Evennia, with map-display and pathfinding. Created via map strings and maintained outside of the game via Evennia launch commands.

Extended Room

Griatch 2012

An expanded Room typeclass with multiple descriptions for time and season as well as details.

Map Builder

CloudKeeper 2016

Build a game area based on a 2D “graphical” unicode map. Supports asymmetric exits.

Simple Door

Griatch 2014

Example of an exit that can be opened and closed from both sides.

Slow exit

Griatch 2014

Custom Exit class that takes different time to pass depending on if you are walking/running etc.


titeuf87 2017

Make infinitely large wilderness areas with dynamically created locations.

Roleplaying and rules

Contribs supporting roleplay and in-game roleplaying actions.

Barter system

Griatch 2012

A safe and effective barter-system for any game. Allows safe trading of any goods (including coin).


Griatch 2020

A full, extendable crafting system.


Griatch 2012

A fully featured dice rolling system.


grungies1138 2016

An in-game mail system for communication.


Hendher 2019

Combine objects to create new items, adventure-game style

RP System

Griatch 2015

Full director-style emoting system replacing names with sdescs/recogs. Supports wearing masks.

RP Language

Griatch 2015

Dynamic obfuscation of emotes when speaking unfamiliar languages. Also obfuscates whispers.


Whitenoise 2014, Griatch2021

Powerful on-object properties (very extended Attributes) for representing health, mana, skill-levels etc, with automatic min/max value, base, modifiers and named tiers for different values. Also include timed rate increase/decrease to have values change over a period of time.


FlutterSprite 2017

A turn-based combat engine meant as a start to build from. Has attack/disengage and turn timeouts, and includes optional expansions for equipment and combat movement, magic and ranged combat.

Building and server systems

Building menu

vincent-lg 2018

An @edit command for modifying objects using a generated menu. Customizable for different games.

Field Fill

FlutterSprite 2018

A simple system for creating an EvMenu that presents a player with a highly customizable fillable form


Vincent Le Geoff 2017

Allow Builders to add Python-scripted events to their objects (OBS-not for untrusted users!)


Johhny 2018

Log server input/output for debug/security.

Tree Select

FlutterSprite 2017

A simple system for creating a branching EvMenu with selection options sourced from a single multi-line string.

Snippets and config

Contribs meant to be used as part of other code, or as replacements for default settings.


Griatch, 2017

Alternative in-game color markups.

Custom gametime

Griatch, vlgeoff 2017

Implements Evennia’s gametime module but for custom game world-specific calendars.


Email login

Griatch 2012

A variant of the standard login system that requires an email to login rather then just name+password.

Random String Generator

Vincent Le Goff 2017

Simple pseudo-random generator of strings with rules, avoiding repetitions.


Vincent Le Geoff 2017

Add commands with UNIX-style syntax.


Contribs not meant to be used as-is, but just as examples to learn from.


Griatch 2015

Simple example (only) of storing gender on a character and access it in an emote with a custom marker.

Talking NPC

Griatch 2011

A talking NPC object that offers a menu-driven conversation tree.

Tutorial examples

Griatch 2011, 2015

A folder of basic example objects, commands and scripts.

The tutorial-world

Griatch 2011, 2015

The Evennia single-player sole quest. Made to be analyzed to learn.

Full game systems

Full game-dir replacement systems.


Evennia community 2015-?

This is a community attempt to make an Evennia ‘example game’ using good practices. It is also a good place to jump in if you want to help in another project rather than run it alone. Development of this has stalled a bit so we are looking for enthusiastic people to lead the charge.


Tehom 2019

Open source code release of the popular Evennia-based Arx, after the reckoning. This is a fantasy game with a focus on roleplay and code-supported political intrigue. This code-release is maintained by Tehom in its own repository so bug reports should be directed there.


Griatch 2019

A full engine for making multiplayer ‘escape-rooms’ completely in code. This is based on the 2019 MUD Game jam winner Evscaperoom.

  • contrib/evscaperoom - game engine to make your own escape rooms.

  • - a full installation of the original game can be played by entering the evscaperoom exit in the first Limbo room.

  • - the original game’s source code (warning for spoilers if you want to solve the puzzles and mystery yourself).