How To Get And Give Help

How to get Help

If you cannot find what you are looking for in the documentation, here’s what to do:

  • If you think the documentation is not clear enough, create a documentation ticket.

  • If you have trouble with a missing feature or a problem you think is a bug, look through the the list of known issue if you can’t find your issue in the list, make a new one here.

  • If you need help, want to start a discussion or get some input on something you are working on, make a post to the discussions group This is technically a ‘mailing list’, but you don’t need to use e-mail; you can post and read all messages just as easily from your browser via the online interface.

  • If you want more direct discussions with developers and other users, consider dropping into our IRC chat channel #evennia on the Freenode network. There is also a Discord channel bridged into the IRC if you prefer that. Please that you have to be patient if you don’t get any response immediately; we are all in very different time zones and many have busy personal lives. So you might have to hang around for a while - you’ll get noticed eventually!

How to give Help

Evennia is open-source and non-commercial. It relies on the time donated by its users and developers in order to progress.

  • Spread the word! If you like Evennia, consider writing a blog post about it.

  • Take part in the Evennia community! Join the chat or forum.

  • Report problems you find or features you’d like to our issue tracker.


Just the simple act of us know you are out there using Evennia helps a lot!

If you’d like to help develop Evennia more hands-on, here are some ways to get going:

  • Look through this online documentation and see if you can help improve or expand the documentation (even small things like fixing typos!). See here on how you contribute to the docs.

  • Send a message to our discussion group and/or our IRC chat asking about what needs doing, along with what your interests and skills are.

  • Take a look at our issue tracker and see if there’s something you feel like taking on. here are bugs that need fixes. At any given time there may also be some bounties open.

  • Check out the Contributing page on how to practically contribute with code using github.

… And finally, if you want to help motivate and support development you can also drop some coins in the developer’s cup. You can make a donation via PayPal or, even better, become an Evennia patron on Patreon! This is a great way to tip your hat and show that you appreciate the work done with the server! You can also encourage the community to take on particular issues by putting up a monetary bounty on it.