Source code for evennia.comms.admin

This defines how Comm models are displayed in the web admin interface.


from django.contrib import admin
from evennia.comms.models import ChannelDB
from evennia.typeclasses.admin import AttributeInline, TagInline
from django.conf import settings

[docs]class ChannelAttributeInline(AttributeInline): """ Inline display of Channel Attribute - experimental """ model = ChannelDB.db_attributes.through related_field = "channeldb"
[docs]class ChannelTagInline(TagInline): """ Inline display of Channel Tags - experimental """ model = ChannelDB.db_tags.through related_field = "channeldb"
[docs]class MsgAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin): """ Defines display for Msg objects """ list_display = ( "id", "db_date_created", "db_sender", "db_receivers", "db_channels", "db_message", "db_lock_storage", ) list_display_links = ("id",) ordering = ["db_date_created", "db_sender", "db_receivers", "db_channels"] # readonly_fields = ['db_message', 'db_sender', 'db_receivers', 'db_channels'] search_fields = ["id", "^db_date_created", "^db_message"] save_as = True save_on_top = True list_select_related = True
#, MsgAdmin)
[docs]class ChannelAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin): """ Defines display for Channel objects """ inlines = [ChannelTagInline, ChannelAttributeInline] list_display = ("id", "db_key", "db_lock_storage", "subscriptions") list_display_links = ("id", "db_key") ordering = ["db_key"] search_fields = ["id", "db_key", "db_tags__db_key"] save_as = True save_on_top = True list_select_related = True raw_id_fields = ("db_object_subscriptions", "db_account_subscriptions") fieldsets = ( ( None, { "fields": ( ("db_key",), "db_lock_storage", "db_account_subscriptions", "db_object_subscriptions", ) }, ), )
[docs] def subscriptions(self, obj): """ Helper method to get subs from a channel. Args: obj (Channel): The channel to get subs from. """ return ", ".join([str(sub) for sub in obj.subscriptions.all()])
[docs] def save_model(self, request, obj, form, change): """ Model-save hook. Args: request (Request): Incoming request. obj (Object): Database object. form (Form): Form instance. change (bool): If this is a change or a new object. """ if not change: # adding a new object # have to call init with typeclass passed to it obj.set_class_from_typeclass(typeclass_path=settings.BASE_CHANNEL_TYPECLASS) obj.at_init()
[docs] def response_add(self, request, obj, post_url_continue=None): from django.http import HttpResponseRedirect from django.urls import reverse return HttpResponseRedirect(reverse("admin:comms_channeldb_change", args=[])), ChannelAdmin)