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Custom manager for HelpEntry objects.
from django.db import models
from evennia.utils import logger, utils
from evennia.typeclasses.managers import TypedObjectManager

__all__ = ("HelpEntryManager",)

[docs]class HelpEntryManager(TypedObjectManager): """ This HelpEntryManager implements methods for searching and manipulating HelpEntries directly from the database. These methods will all return database objects (or QuerySets) directly. Evennia-specific: find_topicmatch find_apropos find_topicsuggestions find_topics_with_category all_to_category search_help (equivalent to evennia.search_helpentry) """
[docs] def find_topicmatch(self, topicstr, exact=False): """ Searches for matching topics or aliases based on player's input. Args: topcistr (str): Help topic to search for. exact (bool, optional): Require exact match (non-case-sensitive). If `False` (default), match sub-parts of the string. Returns: matches (HelpEntries): Query results. """ dbref = utils.dbref(topicstr) if dbref: return self.filter(id=dbref) topics = self.filter(db_key__iexact=topicstr) if not topics: topics = self.get_by_alias(topicstr) if not topics and not exact: topics = self.filter(db_key__istartswith=topicstr) if not topics: topics = self.filter(db_key__icontains=topicstr) return topics
[docs] def find_apropos(self, topicstr): """ Do a very loose search, returning all help entries containing the search criterion in their titles. Args: topicstr (str): Search criterion. Returns: matches (HelpEntries): Query results. """ return self.filter(db_key__icontains=topicstr)
[docs] def find_topicsuggestions(self, topicstr): """ Do a fuzzy match, preferably within the category of the current topic. Args: topicstr (str): Search criterion. Returns: matches (Helpentries): Query results. """ return self.filter(db_key__icontains=topicstr).exclude(db_key__iexact=topicstr)
[docs] def find_topics_with_category(self, help_category): """ Search topics having a particular category. Args: help_category (str): Category query criterion. Returns: matches (HelpEntries): Query results. """ return self.filter(db_help_category__iexact=help_category)
[docs] def get_all_topics(self): """ Get all topics. Returns: all (HelpEntries): All topics. """ return self.all()
[docs] def get_all_categories(self): """ Return all defined category names with at least one topic in them. Returns: matches (list): Unique list of category names across all topics. """ return list(set(topic.help_category for topic in self.all()))
[docs] def all_to_category(self, default_category): """ Shifts all help entries in database to default_category. This action cannot be reverted. It is used primarily by the engine when importing a default help database, making sure this ends up in one easily separated category. Args: default_category (str): Category to move entries to. """ topics = self.all() for topic in topics: topic.help_category = default_category string = _("Help database moved to category {default_category}").format( default_category=default_category ) logger.log_info(string)
[docs] def search_help(self, ostring, help_category=None): """ Retrieve a search entry object. Args: ostring (str): The help topic to look for. category (str): Limit the search to a particular help topic """ ostring = ostring.strip().lower() if help_category: return self.filter(db_key__iexact=ostring, db_help_category__iexact=help_category) else: return self.filter(db_key__iexact=ostring)