Source code for evennia.web.utils.adminsite

Custom Evennia admin-site, for better customization of the admin-site
as a whole.

This must be located outside of the admin/ folder because it must be imported
before any of the app-data (which in turn must be imported in the ``
of that folder for Django to find them).


from django.contrib.admin import apps
from django.contrib import admin

[docs]class EvenniaAdminApp(apps.AdminConfig): """ This is imported in INSTALLED_APPS instead of django.contrib.admin. """ default_site = 'evennia.web.utils.adminsite.EvenniaAdminSite'
[docs]class EvenniaAdminSite(admin.AdminSite): """ The main admin site root (replacing the default from Django). When doing admin.register in the admin/ folder, this is what is being registered to. """ site_header = "Evennia web admin" app_order = ["accounts", "objects", "scripts", "comms", "help", "typeclasses", "server", "sites", "flatpages", "auth"]
[docs] def get_app_list(self, request): app_list = super().get_app_list(request) app_mapping = {app["app_label"]: app for app in app_list} return [app_mapping.get(app_label) for app_label in self.app_order]