Source code for evennia.web.utils.backends

from django.contrib.auth.backends import ModelBackend
from django.contrib.auth import get_user_model

[docs]class CaseInsensitiveModelBackend(ModelBackend): """ By default ModelBackend does case _sensitive_ username authentication, which isn't what is generally expected. This backend supports case insensitive username authentication. """
[docs] def authenticate(self, request, username=None, password=None, autologin=None): """ Custom authenticate with bypass for auto-logins Args: request (Request): Request object. username (str, optional): Name of user to authenticate. password (str, optional): Password of user autologin (Account, optional): If given, assume this is an already authenticated account and bypass authentication. """ if autologin: # Note: Setting .backend on account is critical in order to # be allowed to call django.auth.login(account) later. This # is necessary for the auto-login feature of the webclient, # but it's important to make sure Django doesn't change this # requirement or the name of the property down the line. /Griatch autologin.backend = "evennia.web.utils.backends.CaseInsensitiveModelBackend" return autologin else: # In this case .backend will be assigned automatically # somewhere along the way. Account = get_user_model() try: account = Account.objects.get(username__iexact=username) if account.check_password(password): return account else: return None except Account.DoesNotExist: return None