Portal And Server

Internet│  ┌──────────┐ ┌─┐           ┌─┐ ┌─────────┐
        │  │Portal    │ │S│   ┌───┐   │S│ │Server   │
    P   │  │          │ │e│   │AMP│   │e│ │         │
    l ──┼──┤ Telnet   ├─┤s├───┤   ├───┤s├─┤         │
    a   │  │ Webclient│ │s│   │   │   │s│ │ Game    │
    y ──┼──┤ SSH      ├─┤i├───┤   ├───┤i├─┤ Database│
    e   │  │ ...      │ │o│   │   │   │o│ │         │
    r ──┼──┤          ├─┤n├───┤   ├───┤n├─┤         │
    s   │  │          │ │s│   └───┘   │s│ │         │
        │  └──────────┘ └─┘           └─┘ └─────────┘

The Portal and Server consitutes the two main halves of Evennia.

These are two separate twistd processes and can be controlled from inside the game or from the command line as described in the Running-Evennia doc.

  • The Portal knows everything about internet protocols (telnet, websockets etc), but knows very little about the game.

  • The Server knows everything about the game. It knows that a player has connected but now how they connected.

The effect of this is that you can fully reload the Server and have players still connected to the game. One the server comes back up, it will re-connect to the Portal and re-sync all players as if nothing happened.

The Portal and Server are intended to always run on the same machine. They are glued together via an AMP (Asynchronous Messaging Protocol) connection. This allows the two programs to communicate seamlessly.