Email-based login system

Contrib by Griatch, 2012

This is a variant of the login system that asks for an email-address instead of a username to login. Note that it does not verify the email, it just uses it as the identifier rather than a username.

This used to be the default Evennia login before replacing it with a more standard username + password system (having to supply an email for some reason caused a lot of confusion when people wanted to expand on it. The email is not strictly needed internally, nor is any confirmation email sent out anyway).


To your settings file, add/edit the line:

CMDSET_UNLOGGEDIN = "contrib.base_systems.email_login.UnloggedinCmdSet"
CONNECTION_SCREEN_MODULE = "contrib.base_systems.email_login.connection_screens"

That’s it. Reload the server and reconnect to see it.


If you want to modify the way the connection screen looks, point CONNECTION_SCREEN_MODULE to your own module. Use the default as a guide (see also Evennia docs).

This document page is generated from evennia/contrib/base_systems/email_login/ Changes to this file will be overwritten, so edit that file rather than this one.