Pseudo-random generator and registry

Contribution by Vincent Le Goff (vlgeoff), 2017

This utility can be used to generate pseudo-random strings of information with specific criteria. You could, for instance, use it to generate phone numbers, license plate numbers, validation codes, in-game security passwords and so on. The strings generated will be stored and won’t be repeated.

Usage Example

Here’s a very simple example:

from evennia.contrib.utils.random_string_generator import RandomStringGenerator

# Create a generator for phone numbers
phone_generator = RandomStringGenerator("phone number", r"555-[0-9]{3}-[0-9]{4}")

# Generate a phone number (555-XXX-XXXX with X as numbers)
number = phone_generator.get()

# `number` will contain something like: "555-981-2207"
# If you call `phone_generator.get`, it won't give the same anymore.phone_generator.all()
# Will return a list of all currently-used phone numbers

# The number can be generated again


  1. Import the RandomStringGenerator class from the contrib.

  2. Create an instance of this class taking two arguments:

    • The name of the gemerator (like “phone number”, “license plate”…).

    • The regular expression representing the expected results.

  3. Use the generator’s all, get and remove methods as shown above.

To understand how to read and create regular expressions, you can refer to the documentation on the re module. Some examples of regular expressions you could use:

  • r"555-\d{3}-\d{4}": 555, a dash, 3 digits, another dash, 4 digits.

  • r"[0-9]{3}[A-Z][0-9]{3}": 3 digits, a capital letter, 3 digits.

  • r"[A-Za-z0-9]{8,15}": between 8 and 15 letters and digits.

Behind the scenes, a script is created to store the generated information for a single generator. The RandomStringGenerator object will also read the regular expression you give to it to see what information is required (letters, digits, a more restricted class, simple characters…)… More complex regular expressions (with branches for instance) might not be available.

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