Connection Screen

When you first connect to your game you are greeted by Evennia’s default connection screen.

 Welcome to Evennia, version Beta-ra4d24e8a3cab+!

 If you have an existing account, connect to it by typing:
      connect <username> <password>
 If you need to create an account, type (without the <>'s):
      create <username> <password>

 If you have spaces in your username, enclose it in quotes.
 Enter help for more info. look will re-show this screen.

Effective, but not very exciting. You will most likely want to change this to be more unique for your game. This is simple:

  1. Edit mygame/server/conf/

  2. Reload Evennia.

Evennia will look into this module and locate all globally defined strings in it. These strings are used as the text in your connection screen and are shown to the user at startup. If more than one such string/screen is defined in the module, a random screen will be picked from among those available.

Commands available at the Connection Screen

You can also customize the Commands available to use while the connection screen is shown (connect, create etc). These commands are a bit special since when the screen is running the account is not yet logged in. A command is made available at the login screen by adding them to UnloggedinCmdSet in mygame/commands/ See Commands and the tutorial section on how to add new commands to a default command set.