Before continuing to read these tutorials (and especially before you start to code or build your game in earnest) it’s strongly recommended that you read the Evennia coding introduction as well as the Planning your own game pages first.

Please note that it’s not within the scope of our tutorials to teach you basic Python. If you are new to the language, expect to have to look up concepts you are unfamiliar with. Usually a quick internet search will give you all info you need. Furthermore, our tutorials tend to focus on implementation and concepts. As such they give only brief explanations to use Evennia features while providing ample links to the relevant detailed documentation.

The main information resource for builders is the Builder Documentation. Coders should refer to the Developer Central for further information.


Help with populating your game world.

General Development tutorials

General code practices for newbie game developers.

To use Evennia, you will need basic understanding of Python modules, variables, conditional statements, loops, functions, lists, dictionaries, list comprehensions and string formatting. You should also have a basic understanding of object-oriented programming and what Python Classes are.

Coding - First Step tutorials

Starting tutorials for you who are new to developing with Evennia.

Custom objects and typeclasses

Examples of designing new objects for your game world

Game mechanics tutorials

Creating the underlying game mechanics of game play.

Miscellaneous system tutorials

Design various game systems and achieve particular effects.


This section contains tutorials linked with contribs. These contribs can be used in your game, but you’ll need to install them explicitly. They add common features that can earn you time in implementation.

Web tutorials

Expanding Evennia’s web presence.

Evennia for [Engine]-Users

Hints for new users more familiar with other game engines.