How To Contribute And Get Help

Getting Help

If you cannot find what you are looking for in the documentation, here’s where to go next:

  • The Discussions forums are great for getting help, starting longer-form discussions, showing off your work or get some input on what you are working on. This is also the place to follow Evennia development.

  • The Discord server has a very helpful #getting-help channel for both big and small Evennia problems. It allows for more direct discussion. You can also track both the evennia code changes and the discussion forum from discord.

Giving Help

In general, being active and helpful in the discssion forums or discord chat is already a big help!

If you want to spread the word, consider writing about Evennia on your blog or in your favorite (relevant) forum. Write a review somewhere (good or bad, we like feedback either way). Rate it on listings. Talk about it to your friends … that kind of thing.

Help with Documentation

Evennia is highly dependent on good-quality documentation!

  • Reporting a Documentation issue is the easiest way to help out. The more eyes we get on things, the better - if we don’t know about the problems, we can’t fix them! Even reporting typos is a great help.

  • Contributing directly to the docs is also possible; you just need a text editor. You can fix issues or even propose a new tutorial!

Helping with code

Even if you don’t feel confident with tackling a bug or feature, just correcting typos, adjusting formatting or simply using the thing and reporting when stuff doesn’t make sense helps us a lot!

Helping with Donations

Evennia is a free and open-source project. Any monetary donations you want to offer are completely voluntary. While highly appreciated, we don’t expect you to donate and don’t hide any secret features behind a donation-paywall. Just see it as a way of showing appreciation by dropping a few coins in the cup.

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