Dice roller

Contribution by Griatch, 2012

A dice roller for any number and side of dice. Adds in-game dice rolling (roll 2d10 + 1) as well as conditionals (roll under/over/equal to a target) and functions for rolling dice in code. Command also supports hidden or secret rolls for use by a human game master.


Add the CmdDice command from this module to your character’s cmdset (and then restart the server):

# in mygame/commands/default_cmdsets.py

# ...
from evennia.contrib.rpg import dice  <---

class CharacterCmdSet(default_cmds.CharacterCmdSet):
    # ...
    def at_object_creation(self):
        # ...
        self.add(dice.CmdDice())  # <---


> roll 1d100 + 2
> roll 1d20
> roll 1d20 - 4

The result of the roll will be echoed to the room

One can also specify a standard Python operator in order to specify eventual target numbers and get results in a fair and guaranteed unbiased way. For example:

> roll 2d6 + 2 < 8

Rolling this will inform all parties if roll was indeed below 8 or not.

> roll/hidden

Informs the room that the roll is being made without telling what the result was.

> roll/secret

Is a hidden roll that does not inform the room it happened.

Rolling dice from code

To roll dice in code, use the roll function from this module:

from evennia.contrib.rpg import dice
dice.roll(3, 10, ("+", 2))  # 3d10 + 2

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