Red Button example

Contribution by Griatch, 2011

A red button that you can press to have an effect. This is a more advanced example object with its own functionality and state tracking.

Create the button with

create/drop button:contrib.tutorials.red_button.RedButton

Note that you must drop the button before you can see its messages! It’s imperative that you press the red button. You know you want to.

Use del button to destroy/stop the button when you are done playing.


The button’s functionality is controlled by CmdSets that gets added and removed depending on the ‘state’ the button is in.

  • Lid-closed state: In this state the button is covered by a glass cover and trying to ‘push’ it will fail. You can ‘nudge’, ‘smash’ or ‘open’ the lid.

  • Lid-open state: In this state the lid is open but will close again after a certain time. Using ‘push’ now will press the button and trigger the Blind-state.

  • Blind-state: In this mode you are blinded by a bright flash. This will affect your normal commands like ‘look’ and help until the blindness wears off after a certain time.

Timers are handled by persistent delays on the button. These are examples of evennia.utils.utils.delay calls that wait a certain time before calling a method - such as when closing the lid and un-blinding a character.

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