Evennia Game Index

The Evennia game index is a list of games built or being built with Evennia. Anyone is allowed to add their game to the index

  • also if you have just started development and don’t yet accept external players. It’s a chance for us to know you are out there and for you to make us intrigued about or excited for your upcoming game!

All we ask is that you check so your game-name does not collide with one already in the list - be nice!

Connect with the wizard

From your game dir, run

evennia connections 

This will start the Evennia Connection wizard. From the menu, select to add your game to the Evennia Game Index. Follow the prompts and don’t forget to save your new settings in the end. Use quit at any time if you change your mind.

The wizard will create a new file mygame/server/conf/connection_settings.py with the settings you chose. This is imported from the end of your main settings file and will thus override it. You can edit this new file if you want, but remember that if you run the wizard again, your changes may get over-written.

Manual Settings

If you don’t want to use the wizard (maybe because you already have the client installed from an earlier version), you can also configure your index entry in your settings file (mygame/server/conf/settings.py). Add the following:


    # required 
    'game_status': 'pre-alpha',            # pre-alpha, alpha, beta, launched
    'listing_contact': "dummy@dummy.com",  # not publicly shown.
    'short_description': 'Short blurb',    

    # optional 
        "Longer description that can use Markdown like *bold*, _italic_"
        "and [linkname](https://link.com). Use \n for line breaks."
    'telnet_hostname': 'dummy.com',            
    'telnet_port': '1234',                     
    'web_client_url': 'dummy.com/webclient',   
    'game_website': 'dummy.com',              
    # 'game_name': 'MyGame',  # set only if different than settings.SERVERNAME

Of these, the game_status, short_description and listing_contact are required. The listing_contact is not publicly visible and is only meant as a last resort if we need to get in touch with you over any listing issue/bug (so far this has never happened).

If game_name is not set, the settings.SERVERNAME will be used. Use empty strings ('') for optional fields you don’t want to specify at this time.

Non-public games

If you don’t specify neither telnet_hostname + port nor web_client_url, the Game index will list your game as Not yet public. Non-public games are moved to the bottom of the index since there is no way for people to try them out. But it’s a good way to show you are out there, even if you are not ready for players yet.