Source code for evennia.contrib.grid.simpledoor.tests

Tests of simpledoor.


from evennia.commands.default.tests import BaseEvenniaCommandTest

from . import simpledoor

[docs]class TestSimpleDoor(BaseEvenniaCommandTest):
[docs] def test_cmdopen(self): simpledoor.CmdOpen(), "newdoor;door:contrib.grid.simpledoor.SimpleDoor,backdoor;door = Room2", "Created new Exit 'newdoor' from Room to Room2 (aliases: door).|Note: A door-type exit was " "created - ignored eventual custom return-exit type.|Created new Exit 'newdoor' from Room2 to Room (aliases: door).", ), "newdoor", "You close newdoor.", cmdstring="close") simpledoor.CmdOpenCloseDoor(), "newdoor", "newdoor is already closed.", cmdstring="close", ), "newdoor", "You open newdoor.", cmdstring="open") simpledoor.CmdOpenCloseDoor(), "newdoor", "newdoor is already open.", cmdstring="open" )