Source code for evennia.contrib.tutorials.evadventure.commands

EvAdventure commands and cmdsets. We don't need that many stand-alone new
commands since a lot of functionality is managed in menus. These commands
are in additional to normal Evennia commands and should be added
to the CharacterCmdSet

New commands:
    wield/wear <item>
    unwield/remove <item>
    give <item or coin> to <character>
    talk <npc>

To install, add the `EvAdventureCmdSet` from this module to the default character cmdset:

    # in mygame/commands/

    from evennia.contrib.tutorials.evadventure.commands import EvAdventureCmdSet  # <---

    # ...

    class CharacterCmdSet(CmdSet):
        def at_cmdset_creation(self):
            # ...
            self.add(EvAdventureCmdSet)   # <-----


from evennia import CmdSet, Command, InterruptCommand
from evennia.utils.evmenu import EvMenu
from evennia.utils.utils import inherits_from

from .enums import WieldLocation
from .equipment import EquipmentError
from .npcs import EvAdventureTalkativeNPC
from .utils import get_obj_stats

[docs]class EvAdventureCommand(Command): """ Base EvAdventure command. This is on the form command <args> where whitespace around the argument(s) are stripped. """
[docs] def parse(self): self.args = self.args.strip()
[docs]class CmdInventory(EvAdventureCommand): """ View your inventory Usage: inventory """ key = "inventory" aliases = ("i", "inv")
[docs] def func(self): loadout = backpack = slot_usage = self.caller.msg(f"{loadout}\n{backpack}\nYou use {slot_usage} equipment slots.")
[docs]class CmdWieldOrWear(EvAdventureCommand): """ Wield a weapon/shield, or wear a piece of armor or a helmet. Usage: wield <item> wear <item> The item will automatically end up in the suitable spot, replacing whatever was there previously. """ key = "wield" aliases = ("wear",) out_txts = { WieldLocation.BACKPACK: "You shuffle the position of {key} around in your backpack.", WieldLocation.TWO_HANDS: "You hold {key} with both hands.", WieldLocation.WEAPON_HAND: "You hold {key} in your strongest hand, ready for action.", WieldLocation.SHIELD_HAND: "You hold {key} in your off hand, ready to protect you.", WieldLocation.BODY: "You strap {key} on yourself.", WieldLocation.HEAD: "You put {key} on your head.", }
[docs] def func(self): # find the item among those in equipment item =, if not item: # An 'item not found' error will already have been reported; we add another line # here for clarity. self.caller.msg("You must carry the item you want to wield or wear.") return use_slot = getattr(item, "inventory_use_slot", WieldLocation.BACKPACK) # check what is currently in this slot current =[use_slot] if current == item: self.caller.msg(f"You are already using {item.key}.") return # move it to the right slot based on the type of object # inform the user of the change (and potential swap) if current: self.caller.msg(f"Returning {current.key} to the backpack.") self.caller.msg(self.out_txts[use_slot].format(key=item.key))
[docs]class CmdRemove(EvAdventureCommand): """ Remove a remove a weapon/shield, armor or helmet. Usage: remove <item> unwield <item> unwear <item> To remove an item from the backpack, use |wdrop|n instead. """ key = "remove" aliases = ("unwield", "unwear")
[docs] def func(self): caller = self.caller # find the item among those in equipment item =, if not item: # An 'item not found' error will already have been reported return current_slot = if current_slot is WieldLocation.BACKPACK: # we don't allow dropping this way since it may be unexepected by users who forgot just # where their item currently is. caller.msg( f"You already stashed away {item.key} in your backpack. Use 'drop' if " "you want to get rid of it." ) return caller.msg(f"You stash {item.key} in your backpack.")
# give / accept menu def _rescind_gift(caller, raw_string, **kwargs): """ Called when giver rescinds their gift in `node_give` below. It means they entered 'cancel' on the gift screen. """ # kill the gift menu for the receiver immediately receiver = kwargs["receiver"] receiver.ndb._evmenu.close_menu() receiver.msg("The offer was rescinded.") return "node_end"
[docs]def node_give(caller, raw_string, **kwargs): """ This will show to the giver until receiver accepts/declines. It allows them to rescind their offer. The `caller` here is the one giving the item. We also make sure to feed the 'item' and 'receiver' into the Evmenu. """ item = kwargs["item"] receiver = kwargs["receiver"] text = f""" You are offering {item.key} to {receiver.get_display_name(looker=caller)}. |wWaiting for them to accept or reject the offer ...|n """.strip() options = { "key": ("cancel", "abort"), "desc": "Rescind your offer.", "goto": (_rescind_gift, kwargs), } return text, options
def _accept_or_reject_gift(caller, raw_string, **kwargs): """ Called when receiver enters yes/no in `node_receive` below. We first need to figure out which. """ item = kwargs["item"] giver = kwargs["giver"] if raw_string.lower() in ("yes", "y"): # they accepted - move the item! item = if item: try: # this will also add them to the equipment backpack, if possible item.move_to(caller, quiet=True, move_type="give") except EquipmentError: caller.location.msg_contents( ( f"$You({giver.key.key}) $conj(try) to give " f"{item.key} to $You({caller.key}), but they can't accept it since their " "inventory is full." ), mapping={giver.key: giver, caller.key: caller}, ) else: caller.location.msg_contents( ( f"$You({giver.key}) $conj(give) {item.key} to $You({caller.key}), " "and they accepted the offer." ), mapping={giver.key: giver, caller.key: caller}, ) giver.ndb._evmenu.close_menu() return "node_end"
[docs]def node_receive(caller, raw_string, **kwargs): """ Will show to the receiver and allow them to accept/decline the offer for as long as the giver didn't rescind it. The `caller` here is the one receiving the item. We also make sure to feed the 'item' and 'giver' into the EvMenu. """ item = kwargs["item"] giver = kwargs["giver"] text = f""" {giver.get_display_name()} is offering you {item.key}: {get_obj_stats(item)} [Your inventory usage: {}] |wDo you want to accept the given item? Y/[N] """ options = ({"key": "_default", "goto": (_accept_or_reject_gift, kwargs)},) return text, options
[docs]def node_end(caller, raw_string, **kwargs): return "", None
[docs]class CmdGive(EvAdventureCommand): """ Give item or money to another person. Items need to be accepted before they change hands. Money changes hands immediately with no wait. Usage: give <item> to <receiver> give <number of coins> [coins] to receiver If item name includes ' to ', surround it in quotes. Examples: give apple to ranger give "road to happiness" to sad ranger give 10 coins to ranger give 12 to ranger """ key = "give"
[docs] def parse(self): """ Parsing is a little more complex for this command. """ super().parse() args = self.args if " to " not in args: self.caller.msg( "Usage: give <item> to <recevier>. Specify e.g. '10 coins' to pay money. " "Use quotes around the item name it if includes the substring ' to '. " ) raise InterruptCommand self.item_name = "" self.coins = 0 # make sure we can use '...' to include items with ' to ' in the name if args.startswith('"') and args.count('"') > 1: end_ind = args[1:].index('"') + 1 item_name = args[:end_ind] _, receiver_name = args.split(" to ", 1) elif args.startswith("'") and args.count("'") > 1: end_ind = args[1:].index("'") + 1 item_name = args[:end_ind] _, receiver_name = args.split(" to ", 1) else: item_name, receiver_name = args.split(" to ", 1) # a coin count rather than a normal name if " coins" in item_name: item_name = item_name[:-6] if item_name.isnumeric(): self.coins = max(0, int(item_name)) self.item_name = item_name self.receiver_name = receiver_name
[docs] def func(self): caller = self.caller receiver = if not receiver: return # giving of coins is always accepted if self.coins: current_coins = caller.coins if self.coins > current_coins: caller.msg(f"You only have |y{current_coins}|n coins to give.") return # do transaction caller.coins -= self.coins receiver.coins += self.coins caller.location.msg_contents( f"$You() $conj(give) $You({receiver.key}) {self.coins} coins.", from_obj=caller, mapping={receiver.key: receiver}, ) return # giving of items require acceptance before it happens item =, if not item: return # testing hook if not item.at_pre_give(caller, receiver): return # before we start menus, we must check so either part is not already in a menu, # that would be annoying otherwise if receiver.ndb._evmenu: caller.msg( f"{receiver.get_display_name(looker=caller)} seems busy talking to someone else." ) return if caller.ndb._evmenu: caller.msg("Close the current menu first.") return # this starts evmenus for both parties EvMenu( receiver, {"node_receive": node_receive, "node_end": node_end}, item=item, giver=caller ) EvMenu(caller, {"node_give": node_give, "node_end": node_end}, item=item, receiver=receiver)
[docs]class CmdTalk(EvAdventureCommand): """ Start a conversations with shop keepers and other NPCs in the world. Args: talk <npc> """ key = "talk"
[docs] def func(self): target = if not target: return if not inherits_from(target, EvAdventureTalkativeNPC): self.caller.msg( f"{target.get_display_name(looker=self.caller)} does not seem very talkative." ) return target.at_talk(self.caller)
[docs]class EvAdventureCmdSet(CmdSet): """ Groups all commands in one cmdset which can be added in one go to the DefaultCharacter cmdset. """ key = "evadventure"
[docs] def at_cmdset_creation(self): self.add(CmdInventory()) self.add(CmdWieldOrWear()) self.add(CmdRemove()) self.add(CmdGive()) self.add(CmdTalk())