Source code for evennia.contrib.tutorials.evadventure.utils

Various utilities.


import random

_OBJ_STATS = """
Value: ~|y{value}|n coins{carried}


Slots: |w{size}|n, Used from: |w{use_slot_name}|n
Quality: |w{quality}|n, Uses: |wuses|n
Attacks using |w{attack_type_name}|n against |w{defense_type_name}|n
Damage roll: |w{damage_roll}|n""".strip()

[docs]def get_obj_stats(obj, owner=None): """ Get a string of stats about the object. Args: obj (EvAdventureObject): The object to get stats for. owner (EvAdventureCharacter, optional): If given, it allows us to also get information about if the item is currently worn/wielded. Returns: str: A stat string to show about the object. """ carried = "" if owner: objmap = dict( carried = objmap.get(obj) carried = f", Worn: [{carried.value}]" if carried else "" attack_type = getattr(obj, "attack_type", None) defense_type = getattr(obj, "attack_type", None) return _OBJ_STATS.format( key=obj.key, value=obj.value, carried=carried, desc=obj.db.desc, size=obj.size, use_slot_name=obj.inventory_use_slot.value, quality=getattr(obj, "quality", "N/A"), uses=getattr(obj, "uses", "N/A"), attack_type_name=attack_type.value if attack_type else "No attack", defense_type_name=defense_type.value if defense_type else "No defense", damage_roll=getattr(obj, "damage_roll", "None"), )
[docs]def random_probability(self, probabilities): """ Given a dictionary of probabilities, return the key of the chosen probability. Args: probabilities (dict): A dictionary of probabilities, where the key is the action and the value is the probability of that action. """ r = random.random() # sort probabilities from higheest to lowest, making sure to normalize them 0..1 prob_total = sum(probabilities.values()) sorted_probs = sorted( ((key, prob / prob_total) for key, prob in probabilities.items()), key=lambda x: x[1], reverse=True, ) total = 0 for key, prob in sorted_probs: total += prob if r <= total: return key