Source code for evennia.contrib.tutorials.mirror.mirror


A simple mirror object to experiment with.


from evennia import DefaultObject, logger
from evennia.utils import is_iter, make_iter

[docs]class TutorialMirror(DefaultObject): """ A simple mirror object that - echoes back the description of the object looking at it - echoes back whatever is being sent to its .msg - to the sender, if given, otherwise to the location of the mirror. """
[docs] def return_appearance(self, looker, **kwargs): """ This formats the description of this object. Called by the 'look' command. Args: looker (Object): Object doing the looking. **kwargs (dict): Arbitrary, optional arguments for users overriding the call (unused by default). """ if isinstance(looker, self.__class__): # avoid infinite recursion by having two mirrors look at each other return "The image of yourself stretches into infinity." return f"{self.key} shows your reflection:\n{looker.db.desc}"
[docs] def msg(self, text=None, from_obj=None, **kwargs): """ Simply override .msg to echo back to the messenger or to the current location. Args: text (str or tuple, optional): The message to send. This is treated internally like any send-command, so its value can be a tuple if sending multiple arguments to the `text` oob command. from_obj (obj or iterable) given, at_msg_send will be called. This value will be passed on to the protocol. If iterable, will execute hook on all entities in it. """ if not text: text = "<silence>" text = text[0] if is_iter(text) else text if from_obj: for obj in make_iter(from_obj): obj.msg(f'{self.key} echoes back to you:\n"{text}".') elif self.location: self.location.msg_contents(f'{self.key} echoes back:\n"{text}".', exclude=[self]) else: # no from_obj and no location, just log logger.log_msg(f"{self.key}.msg was called without from_obj and .location is None.")