Source code for evennia.server.portal.mxp

MXP - Mud eXtension Protocol.

Partial implementation of the MXP protocol.
The MXP protocol allows more advanced formatting options for telnet clients
that supports it (mudlet, zmud, mushclient are a few)

This only implements the SEND tag.

More information can be found on the following links:


import re

from django.conf import settings

LINKS_SUB = re.compile(r"\|lc(.*?)\|lt(.*?)\|le", re.DOTALL)
URL_SUB = re.compile(r"\|lu(.*?)\|lt(.*?)\|le", re.DOTALL)

# MXP Telnet option
MXP = bytes([91])  # b"\x5b"

MXP_URL = MXP_TEMPSECURE + '<A HREF="\\1">' + "\\2" + MXP_TEMPSECURE + "</A>"

[docs]def mxp_parse(text): """ Replaces links to the correct format for MXP. Args: text (str): The text to parse. Returns: parsed (str): The parsed text. """ text = text.replace("&", "&amp;").replace("<", "&lt;").replace(">", "&gt;") text = LINKS_SUB.sub(MXP_SEND, text) text = URL_SUB.sub(MXP_URL, text) return text
[docs]class Mxp: """ Implements the MXP protocol. """
[docs] def __init__(self, protocol): """ Initializes the protocol by checking if the client supports it. Args: protocol (Protocol): The active protocol instance. """ self.protocol = protocol self.protocol.protocol_flags["MXP"] = False if settings.MXP_ENABLED: self.protocol.will(MXP).addCallbacks(self.do_mxp, self.no_mxp)
[docs] def no_mxp(self, option): """ Called when the Client reports to not support MXP. Args: option (Option): Not used. """ self.protocol.protocol_flags["MXP"] = False self.protocol.handshake_done()
[docs] def do_mxp(self, option): """ Called when the Client reports to support MXP. Args: option (Option): Not used. """ if settings.MXP_ENABLED: self.protocol.protocol_flags["MXP"] = True self.protocol.requestNegotiation(MXP, b"") else: self.protocol.wont(MXP) self.protocol.handshake_done()