Source code for evennia.server.portal.rss

RSS parser for Evennia

This connects an RSS feed to an in-game Evennia channel, sending messages
to the channel whenever the feed updates.


from django.conf import settings
from twisted.internet import task, threads

from evennia.server.session import Session
from evennia.utils import logger

# RETAG = re.compile(r'<[^>]*?>')

        import feedparser
    except ImportError:
        raise ImportError(
            "RSS requires python-feedparser to be installed. Install or set RSS_ENABLED=False."

[docs]class RSSReader(Session): """ A simple RSS reader using the feedparser module. """
[docs] def __init__(self, factory, url, rate): """ Initialize the reader. Args: factory (RSSFactory): The protocol factory. url (str): The RSS url. rate (int): The seconds between RSS lookups. """ self.url = url self.rate = rate self.factory = factory self.old_entries = {}
[docs] def get_new(self): """ Returns list of new items. """ feed = feedparser.parse(self.url) new_entries = [] for entry in feed["entries"]: idval = entry["id"] + entry.get("updated", "") if idval not in self.old_entries: self.old_entries[idval] = entry new_entries.append(entry) return new_entries
[docs] def disconnect(self, reason=None): """ Disconnect from feed. Args: reason (str, optional): Motivation for the disconnect. """ if self.factory.task and self.factory.task.running: self.factory.task.stop() self.sessionhandler.disconnect(self)
def _callback(self, new_entries, init): """ Called when RSS returns. Args: new_entries (list): List of new RSS entries since last. init (bool): If this is a startup operation (at which point all entries are considered new). """ if not init: # for initialization we just ignore old entries for entry in reversed(new_entries): self.data_in(entry)
[docs] def data_in(self, text=None, **kwargs): """ Data RSS -> Evennia. Keyword Args: text (str): Incoming text kwargs (any): Options from protocol. """ self.sessionhandler.data_in(self, bot_data_in=text, **kwargs)
def _errback(self, fail): "Report error" logger.log_err("RSS feed error: %s" % fail.value)
[docs] def update(self, init=False): """ Request the latest version of feed. Args: init (bool, optional): If this is an initialization call or not (during init, all entries are conidered new). Notes: This call is done in a separate thread to avoid blocking on slow connections. """ return ( threads.deferToThread(self.get_new) .addCallback(self._callback, init) .addErrback(self._errback) )
[docs]class RSSBotFactory(object): """ Initializes new bots. """
[docs] def __init__(self, sessionhandler, uid=None, url=None, rate=None): """ Initialize the bot. Args: sessionhandler (PortalSessionHandler): The main sessionhandler object. uid (int): User id for the bot. url (str): The RSS URL. rate (int): How often for the RSS to request the latest RSS entries. """ self.sessionhandler = sessionhandler self.url = url self.rate = rate self.uid = uid = RSSReader(self, url, rate) self.task = None
[docs] def start(self): """ Called by portalsessionhandler. Starts the bot. """ def errback(fail): logger.log_err(fail.value) # set up session and connect it to sessionhandler"rssbot", self.url, self.sessionhandler) = self.uid = True self.sessionhandler.connect( # start repeater task self.task = task.LoopingCall( if self.rate: self.task.start(self.rate, now=False).addErrback(errback)