Source code for evennia.server.portal.ssl

This is a simple context factory for auto-creating
SSL keys and certificates.

import os
import sys

    import OpenSSL
    from twisted.internet import ssl as twisted_ssl
except ImportError as error:
    errstr = """
    SSL requires the PyOpenSSL library:
        pip install pyopenssl
    raise ImportError(errstr.format(err=error))

from django.conf import settings
from evennia.server.portal.telnet import TelnetProtocol

_GAME_DIR = settings.GAME_DIR

# messages


Evennia could not auto-generate the SSL private key. If this error
persists, create {keyfile} yourself using third-party tools.


Evennia's SSL context factory could not automatically, create an SSL
certificate {certfile}.

A private key {keyfile} was already created. Please create {certfile}
manually using the commands valid  for your operating system, for
example (linux, using the openssl program):

[docs]class SSLProtocol(TelnetProtocol): """ Communication is the same as telnet, except data transfer is done with encryption. """
[docs] def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): super().__init__(*args, **kwargs) self.protocol_name = "ssl"
[docs]def verify_SSL_key_and_cert(keyfile, certfile): """ This function looks for RSA key and certificate in the current directory. If files ssl.key and ssl.cert does not exist, they are created. """ if not (os.path.exists(keyfile) and os.path.exists(certfile)): # key/cert does not exist. Create. import subprocess from Crypto.PublicKey import RSA from twisted.conch.ssh.keys import Key print(" Creating SSL key and certificate ... ", end=" ") try: # create the RSA key and store it. KEY_LENGTH = 1024 rsaKey = Key(RSA.generate(KEY_LENGTH)) keyString = rsaKey.toString(type="OPENSSH") file(keyfile, "w+b").write(keyString) except Exception as err: print(NO_AUTOGEN.format(err=err, keyfile=keyfile)) sys.exit(5) # try to create the certificate CERT_EXPIRE = 365 * 20 # twenty years validity # default: # openssl req -new -x509 -key ssl.key -out ssl.cert -days 7300 exestring = "openssl req -new -x509 -key %s -out %s -days %s" % ( keyfile, certfile, CERT_EXPIRE, ) try: except OSError as err: raise OSError( NO_AUTOCERT.format(err=err, certfile=certfile, keyfile=keyfile, exestring=exestring) ) print("done.")
[docs]def getSSLContext(): """ This is called by the portal when creating the SSL context server-side. Returns: ssl_context (tuple): A key and certificate that is either existing previously or or created on the fly. """ keyfile = os.path.join(_GAME_DIR, "server", "ssl.key") certfile = os.path.join(_GAME_DIR, "server", "ssl.cert") verify_SSL_key_and_cert(keyfile, certfile) return twisted_ssl.DefaultOpenSSLContextFactory(keyfile, certfile)