This is the outdated v0.9.5 documentation for Evennia, originally converted from the old evennia wiki at 2020-10-11 18:06:03.062022. This version of the docs is no longer maintained. Unless you still use Evennia 0.9.5 (and maybe even then), you are recommended to use a later version of the documentation.

Evennia DocumentationΒΆ

This is the manual of Evennia, the open source Python MU* creation system. You can Search the documentation on the left. If you have trouble with unclear documentation, please let us know on our mailing list, over IRC or by making a new documentation issue.

There is a lengthier introduction to read. You might also want to read about how to get and give help.

  • The Getting Started page helps installing and starting Evennia for the first time.

  • The Admin Docs covers running and maintaining an Evennia server.

  • The Builder Docs helps for starting to build a game world using Evennia.

  • The Developer Central describes how Evennia works and is used by coders.

  • The Tutorials & Examples contains help pages on a step-by-step or tutorial format.

  • The Documentation-Contributing page helps with how to write and contribute to these docs.

  • The API documentation is created from the latest source code.

  • The TOC lists all regular documentation pages.