Source code for evennia.utils.idmapper.manager

IDmapper extension to the default manager.

from django.db.models.manager import Manager

[docs]class SharedMemoryManager(Manager): # TODO: improve on this implementation # We need a way to handle reverse lookups so that this model can # still use the singleton cache, but the active model isn't required # to be a SharedMemoryModel.
[docs] def get(self, *args, **kwargs): """ Data entity lookup. """ items = list(kwargs) inst = None if len(items) == 1: # CL: support __exact key = items[0] if key.endswith("__exact"): key = key[: -len("__exact")] if key in ("pk", try: inst = self.model.get_cached_instance(kwargs[items[0]]) # we got the item from cache, but if this is a fk, check it's ours if getattr(inst, str(self.field).split(".")[-1]) != self.instance: inst = None except Exception: pass if inst is None: inst = super().get(*args, **kwargs) return inst