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This defines how to edit help entries in Admin.

from django import forms
from django.contrib import admin

from import HelpEntry

from .tags import TagInline

[docs]class HelpTagInline(TagInline): model = HelpEntry.db_tags.through related_field = "helpentry"
[docs]class HelpEntryForm(forms.ModelForm): "Defines how to display the help entry"
[docs] class Meta: model = HelpEntry fields = "__all__"
db_help_category = forms.CharField( label="Help category", initial="General", help_text="organizes help entries in lists" ) db_lock_storage = forms.CharField( label="Locks", initial="view:all()", required=False, widget=forms.Textarea(attrs={"cols": "100", "rows": "2"}), help_text="Set lock to view:all() unless you want it to only show to certain users." "<BR>Use the `edit:` limit if wanting to limit who can edit from in-game. By default it's " "only limited to who can use the `sethelp` command (Builders).", )
[docs]@admin.register(HelpEntry) class HelpEntryAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin): "Sets up the admin manaager for help entries" inlines = [HelpTagInline] list_display = ("id", "db_key", "db_help_category", "db_lock_storage", "db_date_created") list_display_links = ("id", "db_key") search_fields = ["^db_key", "db_entrytext"] ordering = ["db_help_category", "db_key"] list_filter = ["db_help_category"] save_as = True save_on_top = True list_select_related = True view_on_site = False form = HelpEntryForm fieldsets = ( ( None, { "fields": ( ("db_key", "db_help_category"), "db_entrytext", "db_lock_storage", # "db_date_created", ), }, ), )