EvAdventure character generation.

class evennia.contrib.tutorials.evadventure.chargen.TemporaryCharacterSheet[source]

Bases: object

This collects all the rules for generating a new character. An instance of this class is used to pass around the current character state during character generation and also applied to the character at the end. This class instance can also be saved on the menu to make sure a user is not losing their half-created character.


In standard Knave, the character’s attribute bonus is rolled randomly and will give a value 1-6; and there is no guarantee for ‘equal’ starting characters.

Knave uses a d8 roll to get the initial hit points. We will follow the recommendation from the rule that we will use a minimum of 5 HP.

We will roll random start equipment though. Contrary to standard Knave, we’ll also randomly assign the starting weapon among a small selection of equal-dmg weapons (since there is no GM to adjudicate a different choice).


Initialize self. See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.


Show a temp character sheet, a compressed version of the real thing.


Once the chargen is complete, call this create and set up the character.

evennia.contrib.tutorials.evadventure.chargen.node_chargen(caller, raw_string, **kwargs)[source]

This node is the central point of chargen. We return here to see our current sheet and break off to edit different parts of it.

In Knave, not so much can be changed.

evennia.contrib.tutorials.evadventure.chargen.node_change_name(caller, raw_string, **kwargs)[source]

Change the random name of the character.

evennia.contrib.tutorials.evadventure.chargen.node_swap_abilities(caller, raw_string, **kwargs)[source]

One is allowed to swap the values of two abilities around, once.

evennia.contrib.tutorials.evadventure.chargen.node_apply_character(caller, raw_string, **kwargs)[source]

End chargen and create the character. We will also puppet it.

evennia.contrib.tutorials.evadventure.chargen.start_chargen(caller, session=None)[source]

This is a start point for spinning up the chargen from a command later.