Connect Evennia channels to Grapevine

Grapevine is a new chat network for MU**** games. By connecting an in-game channel to the grapevine network, players on your game can chat with players in other games, also non-Evennia ones.

Configuring Grapevine

To use Grapevine, you first need the pyopenssl module. Install it into your Evennia python environment with

pip install pyopenssl

To configure Grapevine, you’ll need to activate it in your settings file.


Next, register an account at When you have logged in, go to your Settings/Profile and to the Games sub menu. Here you register your new game by filling in its information. At the end of registration you are going to get a Client ID and a Client Secret. These should not be shared.

Open/create the file mygame/server/conf/ and add the following:

  GRAPEVINE_CLIENT_SECRET = "<client_secret>"

You can also customize the Grapevine channels you are allowed to connect to. This is added to the GRAPEVINE_CHANNELS setting. You can see which channels are available by going to the Grapevine online chat here:

Start/reload Evennia and log in as a privileged user. You should now have a new command available: @grapevine2chan. This command is called like this:

 @grapevine2chan[/switches] <evennia_channel> = <grapevine_channel>

Here, the evennia_channel must be the name of an existing Evennia channel and grapevine_channel one of the supported channels in GRAPEVINE_CHANNELS.

At the time of writing, the Grapevine network only has two channels: testing and gossip. Evennia defaults to allowing connecting to both. Use testing for trying your connection.

Setting up Grapevine, step by step

You can connect Grapevine to any Evennia channel (so you could connect it to the default public channel if you like), but for testing, let’s set up a new channel gw.

 @ccreate gw = This is connected to an gw channel!

You will automatically join the new channel.

Next we will create a connection to the Grapevine network.

 @grapevine2chan gw = gossip

Evennia will now create a new connection and connect it to Grapevine. Connect to to check.

Write something in the Evennia channel gw and check so a message appears in the Grapevine chat. Write a reply in the chat and the grapevine bot should echo it to your channel in-game.

Your Evennia gamers can now chat with users on external Grapevine channels!