Connect Evennia channels to IRC

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a long standing chat protocol used by many open-source projects for communicating in real time. By connecting one of Evennia’s Channels to an IRC channel you can communicate also with people not on an mud themselves. You can also use IRC if you are only running your Evennia MUD locally on your computer (your game doesn’t need to be open to the public)! All you need is an internet connection. For IRC operation you also need twisted.words. This is available simply as a package python-twisted-words in many Linux distros, or directly downloadable from the link.

Configuring IRC

To configure IRC, you’ll need to activate it in your settings file.

    IRC_ENABLED = True

Start Evennia and log in as a privileged user. You should now have a new command available: @irc2chan. This command is called like this:

 @irc2chan[/switches] <evennia_channel> = <ircnetwork> <port> <#irchannel> <botname>

If you already know how IRC works, this should be pretty self-evident to use. Read the help entry for more features.

Setting up IRC, step by step

You can connect IRC to any Evennia channel (so you could connect it to the default public channel if you like), but for testing, let’s set up a new channel irc.

 @ccreate irc = This is connected to an irc channel!

You will automatically join the new channel.

Next we will create a connection to an external IRC network and channel. There are many, many IRC nets. Here is a list of some of the biggest ones, the one you choose is not really very important unless you want to connect to a particular channel (also make sure that the network allows for “bots” to connect).

For testing, we choose the Freenode network, We will connect to a test channel, let’s call it #myevennia-test (an IRC channel always begins with #). It’s best if you pick an obscure channel name that didn’t exist previously - if it didn’t exist it will be created for you.

Don’t connect to #evennia for testing and debugging, that is Evennia’s official chat channel! You are welcome to connect your game to #evennia once you have everything working though - it can be a good way to get help and ideas. But if you do, please do so with an in-game channel open only to your game admins and developers).

The port needed depends on the network. For Freenode this is 6667.

What will happen is that your Evennia server will connect to this IRC channel as a normal user. This “user” (or “bot”) needs a name, which you must also supply. Let’s call it “mud-bot”.

To test that the bot connects correctly you also want to log onto this channel with a separate, third-party IRC client. There are hundreds of such clients available. If you use Firefox, the Chatzilla plugin is good and easy. Freenode also offers its own web-based chat page. Once you have connected to a network, the command to join is usually /join #channelname (don’t forget the #).

Next we connect Evennia with the IRC channel.

 @irc2chan irc = 6667 #myevennia-test mud-bot

Evennia will now create a new IRC bot mud-bot and connect it to the IRC network and the channel #myevennia. If you are connected to the IRC channel you will soon see the user mud-bot connect.

Write something in the Evennia channel irc.

 irc Hello, World!
[irc] Anna: Hello, World!

If you are viewing your IRC channel with a separate IRC client you should see your text appearing there, spoken by the bot:

mud-bot> [irc] Anna: Hello, World!

Write Hello! in your IRC client window and it will appear in your normal channel, marked with the name of the IRC channel you used (#evennia here).

[irc] Anna@#myevennia-test: Hello!

Your Evennia gamers can now chat with users on external IRC channels!