In-text tags parsed by EvenniaΒΆ

Evennia will parse various special tags and markers embedded in text and convert it dynamically depending on if the data is going in or out of the server.

  • Colors - Using |r, |n etc can be used to mark parts of text with a color. The color will become ANSI/XTerm256 color tags for Telnet connections and CSS information for the webclient.

    > say Hello, I'm wearing my |rred hat|n today. 
  • Clickable links - This allows you to provide a text the user can click to execute an in-game command. This is on the form |lc command |lt text |le. Clickable links are generally only parsed in the outgoing direction, since if users could provde them, they could be a potential security problem. To activate, MXP_ENABLED=True must be added to settings (disabled by default).

    py self.msg("This is a |c look |ltclickable 'look' link|le")
  • FuncParser callables - These are full-fledged function calls on the form $funcname(args, kwargs) that lead to calls to Python functions. The parser can be run with different available callables in different circumstances. The parser is run on all outgoing messages if settings.FUNCPARSER_PARSE_OUTGOING_MESSAGES_ENABLED=True (disabled by default).

    > say The answer is $eval(40 + 2)!