Batch processor examples

Contibution by Griatch, 2012

Simple examples for the batch-processor. The batch processor is used for generating in-game content from one or more static files. Files can be stored with version control and then ‘applied’ to the game to create content.

There are two batch processor types:

  • Batch-cmd processor: A list of #-separated Evennia commands being executed in sequence, such as create, dig, north etc. When running a script of this type (filename ending with .ev), the caller of the script will be the one performing the script’s actions.

  • Batch-code processor: A full Python script (filename ending with .py that executes Evennia api calls to build, such as evennia.create_object or evennia.search_object etc. It can be divided up into comment-separated chunks so one can execute only parts of the script at a time (in this way it’s a little different than a normal Python file).


To test the two example batch files, you need Developer or superuser permissions, be logged into the game and run of

> batchcommand/interactive tutorials.batchprocessor.example_batch_cmds
> batchcode/interactive tutorials.batchprocessor.example_batch_code

The /interactive drops you in interactive mode so you can follow along what the scripts do. Skip it to build it all at once.

Both commands produce the same results - they create a red-button object, a table and a chair. If you run either with the /debug switch, the objects will be deleted afterwards (for quick tests of syntax that you don’t want to spam new objects, for example).

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