Contribution by InspectorCaracal (2023)

Adds the ability to put objects into other container objects by providing a container typeclass and extending certain base commands.


To install, import and add the ContainerCmdSet to CharacterCmdSet in your file:

from evennia.contrib.game_systems.containers import ContainerCmdSet

class CharacterCmdSet(default_cmds.CharacterCmdSet):
    # ...
    def at_cmdset_creation(self):
        # ...

This will replace the default look and get commands with the container-friendly versions provided by the contrib as well as add a new put command.


The contrib includes a ContribContainer typeclass which has all of the set-up necessary to be used as a container. To use, all you need to do is create an object in-game with that typeclass - it will automatically inherit anything you implemented in your base Object typeclass as well.

create bag:game_systems.containers.ContribContainer

The contrib’s ContribContainer comes with a capacity limit of a maximum number of items it can hold. This can be changed per individual object.

In code:

obj.capacity = 5

In game:

set box/capacity = 5

You can also make any other objects usable as containers by setting the get_from lock type on it.

lock mysterious box = get_from:true()


The ContribContainer class is intended to be usable as-is, but you can also inherit from it for your own container classes to extend its functionality. Aside from having the container lock pre-set on object creation, it comes with three main additions:

capacity property

ContribContainer.capacity is an AttributeProperty - meaning you can access it in code with obj.capacity and also set it in game with set obj/capacity = 5 - which represents the capacity of the container as an integer. You can override this with a more complex representation of capacity on your own container classes.

at_pre_get_from and at_pre_put_in methods

These two methods on ContribContainer are called as extra checks when attempting to either get an object from, or put an object in, a container. The contrib’s ContribContainer.at_pre_get_from doesn’t do any additional validation by default, while ContribContainer.at_pre_put_in does a simple capacity check.

You can override these methods on your own child class to do any additional capacity or access checks.

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