Basic Map

Contribution - helpme 2022

This adds an ascii map to a given room which can be viewed with the map command. You can easily alter it to add special characters, room colors etc. The map shown is dynamically generated on use, and supports all compass directions and up/down. Other directions are ignored.

If you don’t expect the map to be updated frequently, you could choose to save the calculated map as a .ndb value on the room and render that instead of running mapping calculations anew each time.


Adding the MapDisplayCmdSet to the default character cmdset will add the map command.

Specifically, in mygame/commands/

from evennia.contrib.grid.ingame_map_display import MapDisplayCmdSet   # <---

class CharacterCmdset(default_cmds.CharacterCmdSet):
    def at_cmdset_creation(self):
        self.add(MapDisplayCmdSet)  # <---

Then reload to make the new commands available.


In order to change your default map size, you can add to mygame/server/

BASIC_MAP_SIZE = 5  # This changes the default map width/height.


ASCII map (and evennia supports UTF-8 characters and even emojis)

This produces an ASCII map for players of configurable size.

New command

  • CmdMap - view the map

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