Puzzles System

Contribution by Henddher 2018

Intended for adventure-game style combination puzzles, such as combining fruits and a blender to create a smoothie. Provides a typeclass and commands for objects that can be combined (i.e. used together). Unlike the crafting contrib, each puzzle is built from unique objects rather than using tags and a builder can create the puzzle entirely from in-game.

A Puzzle is a recipe of what objects (aka parts) must be combined by a player so a new set of objects (aka results) are automatically created.


Add the PuzzleSystemCmdSet to all players (e.g. in their Character typeclass).

Alternatively (for quick testing):

py self.cmdset.add('evennia.contrib.game_systems.puzzles.PuzzleSystemCmdSet')


Consider this simple Puzzle:

orange, mango, yogurt, blender = fruit smoothie

As a Builder:

create/drop orange
create/drop mango
create/drop yogurt
create/drop blender
create/drop fruit smoothie

puzzle smoothie, orange, mango, yogurt, blender = fruit smoothie
Puzzle smoothie(#1234) created successfuly.

destroy/force orange, mango, yogurt, blender, fruit smoothie

armpuzzle #1234
Part orange is spawned at ...
Part mango is spawned at ...
Puzzle smoothie(#1234) has been armed successfully

As Player:

use orange, mango, yogurt, blender
Genius, you blended all fruits to create a fruit smoothie!


Puzzles are created from existing objects. The given objects are introspected to create prototypes for the puzzle parts and results. These prototypes become the puzzle recipe. (See PuzzleRecipe and puzzle command). Once the recipe is created, all parts and result can be disposed (i.e. destroyed).

At a later time, a Builder or a Script can arm the puzzle and spawn all puzzle parts in their respective locations (See armpuzzle).

A regular player can collect the puzzle parts and combine them (See use command). If player has specified all pieces, the puzzle is considered solved and all its puzzle parts are destroyed while the puzzle results are spawened on their corresponding location.

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