Contribution by Griatch, 2016

A simple two-way exit that represents a door that can be opened and closed from both sides. Can easily be expanded to make it lockable, destroyable etc.

Note that the simpledoor is based on Evennia locks, so it will not work for a superuser (which bypasses all locks). The superuser will always appear to be able to close/open the door over and over without the locks stopping you. To use the door, use quell or a non-superuser account.


Import SimpleDoorCmdSet from this module into mygame/commands/default_cmdsets and add it to your CharacterCmdSet:

# in mygame/commands/

from evennia.contrib.grid import simpledoor  <---

class CharacterCmdSet(default_cmds.CharacterCmdSet):
    # ...
    def at_cmdset_creation(self):
        # ...


To try it out, dig a new room and then use the (overloaded) @open commmand to open a new doorway to it like this:

@open doorway:contrib.grid.simpledoor.SimpleDoor = otherroom

open doorway
close doorway

Note: This uses locks, so if you are a superuser you will not be blocked by a locked door - quell yourself, if so. Normal users will find that they cannot pass through either side of the door once it’s closed from the other side.

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