Part 3: How we get there (example game)


The tutorial game is under development and is not yet complete, nor tested. Use the existing lessons as inspiration and to help get you going, but don’t expect out-of-the-box perfection from it at this time.

In part three of the Evennia Beginner tutorial we will go through the actual creation of our tutorial game EvAdventure, based on the Knave RPG ruleset.

This is a big part. You’ll be seeing a lot of code and there are plenty of lessons to go through. Take your time!

If you followed the previous parts of this tutorial you will have some notions about Python and where to find and make use of things in Evennia. We also have a good idea of the type of game we will create.

Even if this is not the game-style you are interested in, following along will give you a lot of experience using Evennia and be really helpful for doing your own thing later!

Fully coded examples of all code we make in this part can be found in the evennia/contrib/tutorials/evadventure package.