Source code for evennia.contrib.rpg.llm.tests

Unit tests for the LLM Client and npc.


from anything import Something
from django.test import override_settings
from mock import Mock, patch

from evennia.utils.create import create_object
from evennia.utils.test_resources import BaseEvenniaTestCase

from .llm_npc import LLMNPC

[docs]class TestLLMClient(BaseEvenniaTestCase): """ Test the LLMNPC class. """
[docs] def setUp(self): self.npc = create_object(LLMNPC, key="Test NPC") self.npc.db_home = None # fix a bug in test suite
[docs] def tearDown(self): self.npc.delete() super().tearDown()
[docs] @override_settings(LLM_PROMPT_PREFIX="You are a test bot.") @patch("evennia.contrib.rpg.llm.llm_npc.task.deferLater") def test_npc_at_talked_to(self, mock_deferLater): """ Test the npc's at_talked_to method. """ mock_LLMClient = Mock() self.npc.ndb.llm_client = mock_LLMClient self.npc.at_talked_to("Hello", self.npc) mock_deferLater.assert_called_with(Something, self.npc.thinking_timeout, Something) mock_LLMClient.get_response.assert_called_with("You are a test bot.\nTest NPC: Hello")