Source code for evennia.contrib.tutorials.evadventure.tests.test_quests

Testing Quest functionality.


from unittest.mock import MagicMock

from evennia.utils.test_resources import BaseEvenniaTest

from .. import quests
from ..objects import EvAdventureObject
from .mixins import EvAdventureMixin

class _TestQuest(quests.EvAdventureQuest):
    Test quest.


    key = "testquest"
    desc = "A test quest!"

    start_step = "A"
    end_text = "This task is completed."

    help_A = "You need to do A first."
    help_B = "Next, do B."

    def step_A(self, *args, **kwargs):
        Quest-step A is completed when quester carries an item with tag "QuestA" and category
        # note - this could be done with a direct db query instead to avoid a loop, for a
        # unit test it's fine though
        if any(obj for obj in self.quester.contents if obj.tags.has("QuestA", category="quests")):
            self.quester.msg("Completed step A of quest!")
            self.current_step = "B"

    def step_B(self, *args, **kwargs):
        Quest-step B is completed when the progress-check is called with a special kwarg

        if kwargs.get("complete_quest_B", False):
            self.quester.msg("Completed step B of quest!")
            self.quester.db.test_quest_counter = 0
            self.current_step = "C"

    def help_C(self):
        """Testing the method-version of getting a help entry"""
        return f"Only C left now, {self.quester.key}!"

    def step_C(self, *args, **kwargs):
        Step C (final) step of quest completes when a counter on quester is big enough.

        if self.quester.db.test_quest_counter and self.quester.db.test_quest_counter > 5:
            self.quester.msg("Quest complete! Get XP rewards!")
            self.quester.db.xp += 10

    def cleanup(self):
        Cleanup data related to quest.

        del self.quester.db.test_quest_counter

[docs]class EvAdventureQuestTest(EvAdventureMixin, BaseEvenniaTest): """ Test questing. """
[docs] def setUp(self): super().setUp() self.character.quests.add(_TestQuest) self.character.msg = MagicMock()
def _get_quest(self): return self.character.quests.get(_TestQuest.key) def _fulfillA(self): """Fulfill quest step A""" EvAdventureObject.create( key="quest obj", location=self.character, tags=(("QuestA", "quests"),) ) def _fulfillC(self): """Fullfill quest step C""" self.character.db.test_quest_counter = 6
[docs] def test_help(self): """Get help""" quest = self._get_quest() # get help for a specific quest help_txt = self.assertEqual(help_txt, "You need to do A first.") # help for finished quest quest.complete() help_txt = self.assertEqual(help_txt, "You have completed this quest.")
[docs] def test_progress__fail(self): """ Check progress without having any. """ quest = self._get_quest() # progress quest quest.progress() # still on step A self.assertEqual(quest.current_step, "A")
[docs] def test_progress(self): """ Fulfill the quest steps in sequence. """ quest = self._get_quest() # A requires a certain object in inventory self._fulfillA() quest.progress() self.assertEqual(quest.current_step, "B") # B requires progress be called with specific kwarg # should not step (no kwarg) quest.progress() self.assertEqual(quest.current_step, "B") # should step (kwarg sent) quest.progress(complete_quest_B=True) self.assertEqual(quest.current_step, "C") # C requires a counter Attribute on char be high enough self._fulfillC() quest.progress() self.assertEqual(quest.current_step, "C") # still on last step self.assertEqual(quest.is_completed, True)