Source code for evennia.prototypes.protfuncs

Protfuncs are FuncParser-callables that can be embedded in a prototype to provide custom logic
without having access to Python. The protfunc is parsed at the time of spawning, using the creating
object's session as input. If the protfunc returns a non-string, this is what will be added to the

In the prototype dict, the protfunc is specified as a string inside the prototype, e.g.:

{ ...

"key": "$funcname(args, kwargs)"

...  }

Available protfuncs are either all callables in one of the modules of `settings.PROT_FUNC_MODULES`
or all callables added to a dict FUNCPARSER_CALLABLES in such a module. By default, base inlinefuncs
for text manipulation and searching are included, as well as the special `$protkey` function.
See the Prototypes and Spawner documentation for more info.

def funcname (*args, **kwargs):
    return "replacement text"

At spawn-time the spawner passes the following extra kwargs into each callable (in addition to
what is added in the call itself):

- `session` (Session): The Session of the entity spawning using this prototype.
- `prototype` (dict): The dict this protfunc is a part of.
- `current_key` (str): The active key this value belongs to in the prototype.

Any traceback raised by this function will be handled at the time of spawning and abort the spawn
before any object is created/updated. It must otherwise return the value to store for the specified
prototype key (this value must be possible to serialize in an Attribute).


from evennia.utils import funcparser

[docs]def protfunc_callable_protkey(*args, **kwargs): """ Usage: $protkey(keyname) Returns the value of another key in this prototoype. Will raise an error if the key is not found in this prototype. """ if not args: return "" prototype = kwargs.get("prototype", {}) fieldname = args[0] prot_value = None if fieldname in prototype: prot_value = prototype[fieldname] else: # check if it's an attribute for attrtuple in prototype.get("attrs", []): if attrtuple[0] == fieldname: prot_value = attrtuple[1] break else: raise AttributeError( f"{fieldname} not found in prototype\n{prototype}\n" "(neither as prototype-field or as an Attribute" ) if callable(prot_value): raise RuntimeError( f"Error in prototype\n{prototype}\n$protkey can only reference static " f"values/attributes (found {prot_value})" ) try: return funcparser.funcparser_callable_eval(prot_value, **kwargs) except funcparser.ParsingError: return prot_value
# this is picked up by FuncParser FUNCPARSER_CALLABLES = { "protkey": protfunc_callable_protkey, **funcparser.FUNCPARSER_CALLABLES, **funcparser.SEARCHING_CALLABLES, }