**Inheritance Tree:

      │           ┌────────────┐
      │ ┌─────────►ObjectParent│
      │ │         └────────────┘

Characters is an in-game Object commonly used to represent the player’s in-game avatar. The empty Character class is found in mygame/typeclasses/ It inherits from DefaultCharacter and the (by default empty) ObjectParent class (used if wanting to add share properties between all in-game Objects).

When a new Account logs in to Evennia for the first time, a new Character object is created and the Account will be set to puppet it. By default this first Character will get the same name as the Account (but Evennia supports alternative connection-styles if so desired).

A Character object will usually have a Default Commandset set on itself at creation, or the account will not be able to issue any in-game commands!

If you want to change the default character created by the default commands, you can change it in settings:

BASE_CHARACTER_TYPECLASS = "typeclasses.characters.Character"

This deafult points at the empty class in mygame/typeclasses/ , ready for you to modify as you please.