Contrib by Griatch 2023-


NOTE - this tutorial is WIP and NOT complete yet! You will still learn things from it, but don’t expect perfection.

A complete example MUD using Evennia. This is the final result of what is implemented if you follow Part 3 of the Getting-Started tutorial. It’s recommended that you follow the tutorial step by step and write your own code. But if you prefer you can also pick apart or use this as a starting point for your own game.


  • Uses a MUD-version of the Knave old-school fantasy ruleset by Ben Milton (classless and overall compatible with early edition D&D), released under the Creative Commons Attribution (all uses, including commercial are allowed as long as attribution is given).

  • Character creation using an editable character sheet

  • Weapons, effects, healing and resting

  • Two alternative combat systems (turn-based and twitch based)

  • Magic (three spells)

  • NPC/mobs with simple AI.

  • Simple Quest system.

  • Small game world.

  • Coded using best Evennia practices, with unit tests.



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