Licensing Q&A

Evennia is licensed under the very friendly BSD (3-clause) license. You can find the license as LICENSE.txt in the Evennia repository’s root. It’s not long!

Q: When creating a game using Evennia, what does the license permit me to do with it?

A: It’s your own game world to do with as you please! Keep it to yourself or re-distribute it under another license of your choice - or sell it and become filthy rich for all we care.

Q: I have modified the Evennia library itself, what does the license say about that?

A: Our license allows you to do whatever you want with your modified Evennia, including re-distributing or selling it, as long as you include our license and copyright info found in LICENSE.txt along with your distribution.

… Of course, if you fix bugs or add some new snazzy feature we softly nudge you to make those changes available so they can be added to the core Evennia package for everyone’s benefit. The license doesn’t require you to do it, but that doesn’t mean we won’t still greatly appreciate it if you do!

Q: Can I re-distribute the Evennia server package along with my custom game implementation?

A: Sure. As long as the text in LICENSE.txt is included.

Q: What about Contributions?

The contributions in evennia/evennia/contrib are considered to be released under the same license as Evennia itself, unless the individual contributor has specifically defined otherwise.