Character Creator contrib, by InspectorCaracal


The primary feature of this contrib is defining the name and attributes of a new character through an EvMenu. It provides an alternate charcreate command as well as a modified at_look method for your Account class.


In order to use the contrib, you will need to create your own chargen EvMenu. The included example_menu.py gives a number of useful techniques and examples, including how to allow players to choose and confirm character names from within the menu.

class evennia.contrib.rpg.character_creator.character_creator.ContribCmdCharCreate(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: evennia.commands.default.muxcommand.MuxAccountCommand

create a new character

Begin creating a new character, or resume character creation for an existing in-progress character.

You can stop character creation at any time and resume where you left off later.

key = 'charcreate'
locks = 'cmd:pperm(Player) and is_ooc()'
help_category = 'general'

create the new character

aliases = []
lock_storage = 'cmd:pperm(Player) and is_ooc()'
search_index_entry = {'aliases': '', 'category': 'general', 'key': 'charcreate', 'no_prefix': ' ', 'tags': '', 'text': '\n create a new character\n\n Begin creating a new character, or resume character creation for\n an existing in-progress character.\n\n You can stop character creation at any time and resume where\n you left off later.\n '}
class evennia.contrib.rpg.character_creator.character_creator.ContribChargenAccount(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: evennia.accounts.accounts.DefaultAccount

A modified Account class that makes minor changes to the OOC look output to incorporate in-progress characters.

at_look(target=None, session=None, **kwargs)[source]

Called when this object executes a look. It allows to customize just what this means.

  • target (Object or list, optional) – An object or a list objects to inspect. This is normally a list of characters.

  • session (Session, optional) – The session doing this look.

  • **kwargs (dict) – Arbitrary, optional arguments for users overriding the call (unused by default).


look_string (str)

A prepared look string, ready to send

off to any recipient (usually to ourselves)

exception DoesNotExist

Bases: evennia.accounts.accounts.DefaultAccount.DoesNotExist

exception MultipleObjectsReturned

Bases: evennia.accounts.accounts.DefaultAccount.MultipleObjectsReturned

path = 'evennia.contrib.rpg.character_creator.character_creator.ContribChargenAccount'
typename = 'ContribChargenAccount'